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Technical support is offered Monday - Friday from 8 a.m to 5 p.m

  • Name : Hilton Gibson
  • Location : Room E346, Electronic and Electrical Engineering Building
  • Office Phone : 021-808 4989
  • Cell Phone : 084 646 4758
  • E-Mail :

Expert support for Ubuntu is available. Ubuntu is used in the DSP laboratories.

Linux Accounts are available by visiting:

If you wish to make use of my services, please contact Prof JG Lourens at 021-808-4012 first since I am principally employed by the DSP laboratory.

Definition of a System Administrator

Systems administration is a widely varied task. The best systems administrators are generalists: they can wire and repair cables, install new software, repair bugs, train users, offer tips for increased productivity across areas from word processing to CAD tools, evaluate new hardware and software, automate a myriad of mundane tasks, and increase work flow at their site. In general, systems administrators enable people to exploit computers at a level which gains leverage for the entire organization.

– The System Administrators Guide – “Job Descriptions for SysAdmins”­descriptions.html