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Key Applications

  • Third-generation communication

Generation of signals used by novel and future communication systems, e.g. CDMA, WCDMA, as well as wireless local loop or wireless LAN systems such as Hiperlan/2 or IEEE802.11a. In the R&S SMIQ, versatile possibilities for configuring WCDMA signals are implemented with options R&S SMIQB45 and R&S SMIQB48. With the additional software tool R&S WinIQSIM™, the TDD mode in 3GPP and TD-SCDMA as well as CDMA2000 can be generated with the R&S SMIQ.

  • Development of new communication systems

In addition to simulating predefined standard settings for all common TDMA systems, user definable systems can be simulated as well. Verification/type-approval testing of digital mobile phones and base stations Preprogrammed standards in the R&S SMIQ provide frame structures for all major mobile radio standards.

  • Use in ATE (automatic test equipment) systems

Because of its fast settling of frequencies (<500 µs in List Mode) and level (<2.5 ms with electronic level setting), it is the ideal instrument for fast switching configurations.

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Key Features

  • Wide output frequency range from 300 kHz to 6.4 GHz
  • High (up to 16 dBm) and precise output level (<0.5 dB)
  • Fast setting time for frequency (<3 ms) and level (<2.5 ms) (Without switching the mechanical attenuators)
  • Frequency hopping (500 µs)
  • High spectral purity (typ. -130 dBc (1 Hz) at 1 GHz and 20 kHz carrier offset)
  • RF, AF and level sweep (user-programmable)

Literature and Documentation

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