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Contract Work in the HF and Antenna Laboratories


The EEM HF and Antenna Laboratories are principally maintained for the purposes of:

  1. Final year undergraduate teaching (priority 1)
  2. Postgraduate teaching and group research (priority 2)
  3. Contributing to development of industry where possible (priority 3)

External work must always be fitted in around teaching programmes and staff schedules. The laboratory manager is responsible for determining appropriate times for external work to be conducted. As a rule, in term time, measurements involving continuous use of a specialised piece of equipment should rarely exceed 1 full day. However, special circumstances may recommend a longer period. Out of term time, and in non-peak periods for postgraduate programmes, more extended periods are acceptable.

Costs and Management of External Work

  1. For 2013, the laboratory fees to be levied per hour are: R945-00 plus VAT. This figure will be reviewed annually and will be incremented with inflation. The lab manager must be present for all measurements.
  2. The lab manager may arrange any measurements for external companies which involve passive devices. The academic staff member should be notified (by email) of the measurement before the time.
  3. Where active systems or clearly complicated measurements are being considered, the lab manager must involve one of the following staff members: HCR, KDP, PM. In such cases, insurance issues must be explicitly discussed. Generally, the insurance for risk of damage to the equipment should be provided by the client.
  4. Where the lab manager deems the consulting involvement of an academic staff member to be necessary, this should be discussed with the staff member and an appropriate consultation fee be determined. Where a staff member is unavailable or unwilling to assist in a measurement, a decision may be taken not to permit the measurements to be conducted at all. This decision should be taken jointly by the lab manager and the academic staff member.
  5. Lab equipment is any test and measurement equipment located in E551 and E552.

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