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Electrostatic Charge

The anechoic chamber is very prone to electrostatic charging. This can be fatal for the network analyser. The cables, antennas and people inside the chamber become charged very easily. When entering the chamber therefore, all cables must be disconnected from the network analyser. When you emerge from the chamber you should first discharge yourself, and then discharge the cables that are to be connected to the network analyser. The anti-static grounding strap should be worn at all times and be connected to the common ground plane. Cables can be discharged by connecting a load or a short circuit to them. The absorbers inside the chamber are expensive and it is important that their tips remain sharp. The absorbing cones should therefore never be stacked on top of each other or anything else put on the tips of the cones. Two absorbing blocks should not even be stacked on each other with the top one upside down, since that will also damage the tips. If any of the blocks are removed form the chamber, they should be packed neatly outside in the antenna lab and returned when the measurement is finished.

Cover Shoes

The absorbing material dissolves slowly. It must not be brought outside the chamber. Therefore it is neccessary to wear cover shoes while being inside the anechoic chamber! Put them on and off at the top stair when entering or leaving the chamber.