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2009/05/06 New Firmware Version 2.60 was loaded on the ZVB

New Features:

- Min Hold mode for traces

- Faster algorithm for the correction of measurement results based on the system error correction data (Fast Multiport Correction )

- New calibration types: Forward transmission normalization, reverse transmission normalization

- Convergence Factor for source power calibration

Product improvements:

- Frequency values queried via remote control are returned as 12-digit numbers. This ensures a frequency resolution of 1 Hz at RF frequencies >10 GHz

- Support of new external power sensor and generator types. The supported types are listed in the System Configuration – External Power Meters – Add External Power Meter and in the System Configuration – External Generators – Add External Generator dialogs.

- Network analyzers are configured with enabled virtual memory paging file.

- Improved bandfilter search functions

- Data lines in Touchstone files are terminated with a newline character

2008/02/27 New Firmware Version 2.40 was loaded on the ZVB

New features:

- Extension to the TRL calibration: Calibration with three lines.

- Renormalization of port impedances can be based on two alternative waveguide circuit theories.

- The sweep segments for Segmented Frequency sweep type can overlap.

- Selectable field separators (semicolon, comma, tabulator, space) for trace export files (Export Complex Data, Export Formatted Data).

- New remote control features

Product improvements:

- In the Port Configuration dialog the source Power Result is always displayed.

2007/11/07 New Firmware Version 2.30 was loaded on the ZVB

New features:

- Ripple limit test

- Characterization of R&S calibration units

- Support of One Path Two Port calibration by R&S calibration units

- Directory for Additionally Available Cal Kits and Conn Types: Cal kit files will be (re-)loaded automatically every time the NWA application is started (System Config. –General).

- Possibility to raise the priority of the running NWA application (System Config. General).

- Transparent info fields for markers and trace statistics (System Config. General).

- The analyzer supports sweeps with a single sweep point. The maximum Number of Points is 60001.

- The NWA application is available for restricted users without administrator rights. Firmware update still requires administrator rights.

- New remote control features

2007/08/08 New Firmware Version 2.20 was loaded on the ZVB The following changes have been made:

- Compliance with LXI class C

- New source power calibration parameters: Includes Flatness Cal, Includes Reference Receiver Cal

- Extended harmonic power calibration dialog

- New Resolution Enhancement Factor for time domain measurements

- Automatic calibration of n > 2 ports with full one-port, separate full two-port and full n-port calibrations possible

2007/07/24 An Introduction to the RF- and Antenna-Laboratories was given

2007/06/19 Agilent's introduction into Basic Measurements with the 8510 was posted

2007/06/05 New Firmware Version 2.12 was loaded on the ZVB Compared to the previous version V2.11, the following issues have been fixed:

- Corrected function of the Measure "a" Waves at radio buttons in the Port Configuration dialog.

- Corrected marker formats for complex reference impedance settings

2007/04/23 New Firmware Version 2.11 was loaded on the ZVB. The following bug should be fixed: Occasional problems with Automatic Level Control (ALC) in combination with active automatic generator attenuation fixed (no error message "Port <n> output power unleveled").

2007/04/18 The Operating Manual for the ZVB Firmware Version 2.10 was posted.

2007/04/05 New Firmware Version 2.10 was loaded on the ZVB. Please review the latest features and fixes

2007/03/13 Information on the Agilent Power Supply 6612C and the Agilent Power Supply N5768A has been added to the Equipment Page.

2007/03/08 The Portable Spectrum Analyser R&S FSH6 has been added to the Lab. It is a spectrum analyser that allows VNA type measurements (S11 and S21) and comes with a power sensor. The frequency ranges from 100kHz to 6GHz for the SA and VNA. The power sensor is specified from 10MHz to 18GHz. Comprehensive remote control software is available too.

2007/02/05 An Introduction to the RF- and Antenna-Laboratories was given.

2007/02/01 All work benches are equipped with antistatic mats and arm wrists. To enhance protection of equipment and components it is mandatory to wear the arm wrists at all times.

2007/01/10 New Firmware Version 2.01 was loaded on the ZVB.

2006/11/08 New Firmware Version 2.00 loaded on the ZVB. Please review the latest features and fixes

2006/09/20 The Operating and Programming Manual for the HP8562A Spectrum Analyser has been added to the Equipment page.

2006/08/22 The manual for the Phase Noise Measurement System PN-9000 has been added to the Equipment page.

2006/08/01 Lab introduction for new skripsie students was given. Talks are: Laboratory Introduction and VNA Basics and Introduction into Spectrum Analysers.

2006/07/19 The complete manual of the RF Impedance Analyser HP4191A has been added to the web page.

2006/06/12 New Firmware Version 1.91 loaded on the ZVB. Please review the latest features and fixes

2006/06/01 The new Arbitrary/Function Generator from R&S is in the RF-Lab. The wave creating software has been installed onto the computer. More detail in the Equipment section

2006/05/15 Latest Firmware was installed on the SML03 (Rev 2.50) and the SMIQ (Rev 5.92). The latest manual for the SML03 is available here

2006/04/04 Latest Firmware Rev 1.90 on R&S ZVB Network Analyser installed. Please check the manual from page 5 for enhancements and fixes.

2006/02/27 Lab introduction for new master students and skripsie students. Talks are: Laboratory Introduction and Introduction into Spectrum Analysers.

2005/04/26 The new SMA short standard was repaired. It was characterized and it's coefficients will be amended in all calkit files. The skripsieMJS calkit on the ZVB was already amended. So if you want to use the new SMA standards on this machine you will be fine with this calkit.

2005/03/31 The new skripsie calibration kit has been programmed for the 8510C and can be loaded from floppy. It is called 'CK_SMANE.W'.

2005/03/30 The new skripsie calibration standards have been characterized and their parameters are stored in the default calibration kit for the 8753.

2005/03/17 A new rule has been added to define contract work

2005/03/11 Latest Firmware Rev 1.71 installed on the ZVB today!

2005/03/10 The new Network Analyzer R&S ZVB is operational in the Lab. Check it out it's a great instrument!

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