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The R&S ZVB covers the frequency range from 300 kHz to 8 GHz has been designed for universal measurements on passive and active components. Especially for multiport measurements and measurements on balanced devices the R&S ZVB simplifies vector analysis. Featuring comprehensive measurement functions, outstanding specifications, high measurement and data transfer speeds plus remote-control capability, the R&S ZVB is the ideal instrument for both development and production. The highly compact instrument weighs less than 20 kg and is 44 cm x 23 cm x 35 cm in size.

Key Measurements

  • S-Parameter measurements of active and passive devices
  • Time domaine measurements
  • Balanced measurements
  • Waveguide measurements
  • Antenna measurements

Application Notes

  • Performing Amplifier Measurements with the Vector Network Analyzer ZVB. This document describes typical measurements that are required to be made on amplifiers and how the measurement can be implemented on the ZVB Vector Network Analyzer. The document describes the concepts and setups required to perform Gain, Isolation, input impedance measurements, then goes on to describe how more uncommon measurements are made with the ZVB like Harmonics, Stability Factor and compression point.
  • Transfer of Trace Data from R&S Network Analyzer ZVx to Microsoft Excel. This application note describes how to directly transfer S-Parameter Trace Data from R&S Network Analyzers to Microsoft Excel using a direct connection like GPIB or LAN. Prerequisites are a PC running Microsoft Excel, a R&S Network analyzer like ZVA, ZVB or ZVT as well as a working remote control connection between PC and instrument like GPIB or LAN / Ethernet.

Key Features

  • Frequency range from 300kHz to 8GHz
  • Four (4) Ports available
  • Maximum of 20 001 points per trace
  • Dynamic range better than 123dB
  • Power sweep range 50dB
  • Measurement time <8 ms (201 points)
  • Simultaneous measurement of more than one DUT
  • Ability of balanced measurements
  • Intuitive Windows-based mouse operation
  • Operation using hardkeys and softkeys
  • High number of channels and traces
  • Operating wizards for e.g. balanced measurements and calibrations
  • Compatibility with conventional design tools
  • Remote control via GPIB and LAN
  • Digital I/O port
  • USB connectors

Literature and Documentation

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