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http://staff.ee.sun.ac.za/msiebers/pic/AM300_6.jpg http://staff.ee.sun.ac.za/msiebers/pic/AM300_5.jpg


How to change the Handle position


http://staff.ee.sun.ac.za/msiebers/pic/AM300_1.jpg http://staff.ee.sun.ac.za/msiebers/pic/AM300_4.jpg http://staff.ee.sun.ac.za/msiebers/pic/AM300_7.jpg


The R&S AM300 dual-channel signal generator is capable of producing both arbitrary and function signals. It offers powerful functionality and spectral purity at a favourable price. Due to its excellent characteristics the instrument represents digitally created signals with almost no distortion. The R&S AM300 is therefore the reference signal source for a host of applications. With its high sample rate of up to 100 MS/s, a 256k points waveform memory per channel and the Waveform Composer software, it can produce virtually any waveform, whether for use in the laboratory, in production or in the service department. The two channels on the instrument are coupled precisely in phase, making it possible to generate analog I/Q signals with which to modulate a signal generator such as the R&S SM300. The upper frequency limits of 35 MHz for sine signals and 50 MHz for square signals offers enough leeway for future tasks.

Key Features

  • Two channels, each with separately selectable waveform, frequency and amplitude
  • Differential phase can be set with 0.01° resolution
  • Harmonic suppression for sine wave (1 MHz) typically 70 dB (0.03 %)
  • Highly stable reference frequency (1 ppm/year)
  • Jitter-free clock generator to 50 MHz
  • USB interface (with file management on USB memory stick)
  • Standard waveforms: sine, triangle, ramp, square, exponential, noise, pulse
  • Frequency range: 35 MHz for sine, 50 MHz for square
  • Modulation modes: AM, FM, φM, FSK, PSK, burst
  • Operation from All functions and parameters can be set via menus using a keypad and a keypad rotary knob. Current parameters and operating states are clearly arranged on a TFT colour display.

Literature and Documentation

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