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If you are registered laboratory user and have access to the University's mail system you can book the following equipment online using Outlook’s public folders section.You may also get in touch with the Lab Manager.

Network Analysers

Spectrum Analyser

Portable Analyser

  • The Portable Spectrum Analyser R&S FSH6 is a spectrum analyser that allows VNA type measurements (S11 and S21) and comes with a power sensor. The frequency ranges from 100kHz to 6GHz for the SA and VNA. The power sensor is specified from 10MHz to 18GHz.

Signal Sources

  • The Signal Source R&S SMIQ offers analog and digital modulation. In particular, it takes into account future developments in the field of 3rd-generation digital mobile radio providing a frequency range from 300kHz to 6.4GHz.

Arbitrary/Function Generator

Noise Figure Meter

Phase Noise Measurement System

  • Please find the Manual for the Phase Noise Measurement System PN-9000.

RF Impedance Analyser

  • Please find the complete manual of the RF Impedance Analyser HP4191A for details.


Power Meter

  • The Agilent E4417A Power Meter offers manual and remote controlled operation. A softare is available to support your measurements.

Power Supplies

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